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Bright Horizons Therapeutic Riding Center, Siletz, Oregon Rider tuition only covers a small portion of what it takes to deliver our Riding Programs. We are in constant need of financial and in-kind donations as well as human resources to enable us to provide high-quality services for our riders. There are many ways that you can help support the Bright Horizons community.

Visit Our Giving Page

BHR has partnered with Network for Good, creating our new Everyday Giving page. You can specify what you want your donation to go towards: feeding our horses, paying for lessons for our riders, helping with vet costs, etc. Check it out now! And, thank you!

Sponsor a Horse

$2,500 will take care of an individual horse's expenses for a full year. Upkeep includes farrier services, hay and grain, nutritional supplements and veterinarian services. Partial sponsorships are available.

Sponsor a Rider

Many of our riders are limited by their ability to afford the tuition for each session. We have a scholarship program for income eligible riders and you can sponsor an eligible rider for a session or a full year. Enhance someone's life with your generous donation.


This is your chance to work with the horses and riders directly or contribute away from the barn if you prefer. Either way, volunteers are an essential part of Bright Horizons. Learn more about volunteering.

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So No Matter the Amount

A donation of any size (along with the sentiments that accompany it) is ALWAYS appreciated by the entire Bright Horizons family.

  • To offer a scholarship to (1) rider for a (10) week session: $350
    As you can well imagine, the costs associated with a special needs adult or child can be daunting. Sponsoring a rider for a full (or partial) session will allow you to help enrich the life of a person that our organization might not otherwise be able to serve.

  • To feed the entire herd for (4) months: $1,500
    This covers the costs of orchard grass hay for our horses for approximately six full months. Sponsorships of this nature are particularly important, and appreciated, as they allow us to make bulk purchases at discounted prices.

  • To maintain (1) horse for (1) year: $2,500
    This covers daily hay, grain, bedding, nutritional supplements, farrier and veterinarian services, etc. for a single horse for a full year. Each person or organization that sponsors an individual equine therapist receives the following: a plaque on the horse's stall acknowledging the important contribution you've made to our program; periodic updates on the activities that your sponsored horse is involved with; and a chance to visit our facilities for an in-person introduction to your new equine friend.

  • To provide care for our entire herd for (1) year: $12,500
    This covers daily hay, grain, bedding, nutritional supplements, farrier and veterinarian services, etc. for all of our horses for a full (52) weeks. Not to mention that a "dedicated donation" such as this allows us to focus our attention on further developing our program - comfortable in the knowledge that the needs of our equine friends have been met in advance.

  • To help subsidize each of our riders for (1) year: $25,000
    Each and every rider that participates in a Bright Horizons program is partially subsidized by the organization. This is simply the nature of a therapeutic riding center. A donation of this level would allow Bright Horizons to continue offering a broad range of programs to our ever-growing rider population.

  • To support the entire program for (1) full year: $55,000
    A donation of this size would allow Bright Horizons to devote all of its subsequent yearly funding support to: further improving our facilities (to better serve our riders), increasing our ridership levels (which would increase our degree of self-sufficiency), retiring several long-term financial obligations (debts associated with our initial start-up efforts), as well as increase our community outreach efforts (fund raising and awareness efforts).

Tax Deductible Contributions

Bright Horizons is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Donations to the organization are deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Please confer with your tax advisor as it pertains to your specific situation.

We gratefully accept any and all cash or in-kind (materials, feed, grain, etc.) donations. You can send a check or visit us on Facebook and use Paypal, there or below, to send your tax-deductible contribution.

Donations to BH are tax-deductible.

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For additional details on donations, please contact: Amy Cline, Executive Director, (541) 961-4156,
Hello, happy rider!
Hello, happy rider!