Interactive Vaulting

Therapeutic Equestrian Activities
Boy kneeling on horse during vaulting class Often to gymnastics on horseback, vaulting allows riders to perform movements on the back of a horse while also focusing on the interactions between the vaulters, horse and instructor.

Each client in a group works at his/her own level.


Some physical benefits of Interactive Vaulting are:
  • core strength
  • increased balance and flexibility
  • gross and fine motor skills
While not on the horse, clients practice skills such as patience, following directions, multi-step tasks, and focus. There is a lot of interaction between the clients, as well as between the clients and the horse, which fosters work on teamwork, teaches respect for the horse and others, builds confidence and encourages social interaction.

Interactive Vaulting is an activity for both special needs and able-bodied participants.

practice on and off the horse
Practice on and off the horse

Slideshow from our interactive vaulting class:


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