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Therapeutic Equestrian Activities
During a class, several riders of similar abilities work with a well-qualified Bright Horizons instructor. Classes include horsemanship skills and riding. For special needs riders, instructors are assisted by trained volunteers that act as horse leaders and sidewalkers to ensure that each rider has a safe, productive and enjoyable experience.

We Offer Five Programs:

EAL/EFP sessions are conducted by appropriate mental health professionals and equine specialists.

Current Class Schedule


2022 Summer Camps

Learn English and Western riding plus Interactive Vaulting. Fun! Teamwork! Try new things. Ages 3 and up. More info / registration form.

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Typical Class Conduct

Classes are structured in a variety of ways to ensure that each rider's learning goals and objectives are accommodated. Sessions incorporate a variety of ground-handling, mounted, and horse care-related activities. Additionally, sessions provide excellent opportunities to develop team skills and reinforce good sportsmanship behaviors.

Schedule and Availability

Spring, fall and winter sessions are typically ten weeks in duration and meet on a weekly basis. Classes can also be scheduled to accommodate specific schedules (minimum class size requirements apply).

Scholarship Availability and Sponsoring Opportunities

Bright Horizons has on occasion been able to provide full or partial scholarships to riders with special needs that might not otherwise be able to participate in our programs due to financial constraints. Scholarship availability and award criteria is determined on a case-by-case basis.

If you or someone you know might be interested in sponsoring a Bright Horizons rider, we would love to hear from you!

young Bright Horizons rider
Young Bright Horizons rider

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