Volunteer Overview

Participate in Bright Horizons's Work
Volunteer Cindy with Rider Kyler Volunteers are Bright Horizons's infrastructure. This is your chance to work with the horses and riders directly or to contribute away from the barn, if you prefer. Either way, volunteers are an essential part of Bright Horizons.

No Horse Experience Required

Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds. Some have horse experience, some do not. Some have worked with special needs individuals in the past, others have not. But all volunteers have a common interest in broadening the horizons of all the riders that we serve.

Training is provided to all volunteers initially and on an on-going basis by Bright Horizons' staff members. All new-to-the-program volunteers are paired with experienced volunteers until their level of comfort with the program (to include the horses, the riders, and lesson conduct) increases.


Volunteer Opportunities

  • Leader
    Your primary responsibility is the horse. Leaders generally have previous horse experience.

  • Side Walker
    Your primary responsibility is taking care of the rider. Depending on the level of need, a rider can require one or two side walkers. You do not need to have horse experience to participate as a side walker. We'll train you in the Bright Horizons method, using PATH standards.

  • Barn Help
    If you prefer to work directly with the horses but cannot make the scheduled class times, you can volunteer to assist in taking care of the barn with stall cleaning duties and other barn tasks.
  • Professional Skills
    Do you have a professional skill you would like to contribute? We need legal, accounting, marketing, and grant-writing skills, among others.

Bright Horizons full-time staff positions are supplemented by a number of part-time volunteer positions. These currently include a Volunteer Coordinator and a Media Person. As our program grows and expands we anticipate that additional volunteer positions will be added.

Want to Become a Volunteer?

Volunteer applicants are required to complete a volunteer application packet (which includes authorization for background checks) and attend a formal volunteer training class prior to working with any of our riders.

We conduct volunteer orientation and training classes on an on-going basis. We also invite anyone interested in learning more about the organization to arrange a visit to our riding center.

Volunteer Packet


Learn More

Contact Amy Cline, Executive Director, (541) 961-4156, amy@brighthorizonsriding.org
Riders with trainers
Riders with trainers