Walker Farms

Home of Bright Horizons Therapeutic Riding Center
Walker Farms

Our Hosts, Randy and Sarah Walker of Walker Farms

Bright Horizons Therapeutic Riding Center is located on Walker Farms aproximately (2) miles east of Siletz, Oregon. Sarah and Randy Walker maintain a great facility that houses our riding center and they also actively support our program in many, many ways.

A Great Barn, a Covered Arena, an Outdoor Riding Area

All of the facilities associated with Walker Farms contribute to the overall richness of the Bright Horizons riding experience. Each horse resides in a spacious stall where riders can learn basic horse care skills like grooming and feeding. The barn's arena has been equipped with various training aids which are used to help achieve and reinforce each rider's learning objectives. And the fields surrounding the riding center serve as a great place for riders of all levels to "trail ride" under the watchful eye of a Bright Horizons instructor.

Sheep, Cows and Chickens too!

For many of our riders, the chance to observe a variety of animals being raised in a stress-free environment further reinforces many of the skills taught during our more formal lessons. Consideration for others, appropriate actions (and interactions), plus countless "teachable moments" associated with farm life can all be experienced while riding at Walker Farms. Livestock as educational assistants... who knew!


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Visit www.walkerfarmssiletz.com.
The Barn at Walker Farms
"The Barn" at Walker Farms